Mariánskolázeňská asociace cestovního ruchu

Máme rádi Mariánské Lázně, v tomto městě žijeme, pracujeme nebo podnikáme.
Je před námi velký kus práce i zajímavých příležitostí.

What is our aim?

Tourists who are choosing the destination of their trip don’t primarily choose a hotel, restaurant or bed & breakfast, but they choose the destination itself. It is therefore in the interest of all of the subjects of tourism and of the inhabitants of Mariánské Lázně that the town is deemed an attractive tourist destination and that these subjects speak with one voice.

Our ambition is to formulate a common strategy for tourism in Mariánské Lázně.

It is not our goal to create a neat document, but to present a daring, motivating vision that shall be generally accepted and be a common intersection point of the interests of all subjects operating in the town. We are determined to actively contribute to its fulfilment.

We have pledged to increase the level of professionalism, entrepreneurship ethics and the standard of services in tourism. We shall coordinate the activity of the association members and shall establish cooperation with associations with similar visions in the Czech Republic and abroad. We shall thus contribute to the development of tourism and to the life of Mariánské Lázně.


Active citizens are the best guarantee of authentic events in tourism, culture, entertainment and sports offered throughout the year not only to spa guests and tourists, but also to the citizens of our town themselves.

How do we work?

We believe in cooperation, in dialogue, and in the ability to come to an agreement. We are trying to achieve a future for our town that is not determined by random forces and partial interests, but by a generally accepted conceptual plan.

Who are we?

We are people who care about the future of the town in which we live, work and operate our businesses in. We are connected by our interest in developing tourism and the town itself.

Declaration of the Association


The declaration of the association can be read and downloaded here: