One can become a member if they are a natural person or a legal entity, domestic or foreign, and they work in tourism or in areas related to tourism that have a direct effect on Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings.

The significance of membership in the association is primarily the exchange of observations and experience between the association members, unifying and advocating the interests of association members and last but not least, enforcing the goals of the association. The basic goal of the association is the integration of subjects affecting tourism and its complementing infrastructure in order to develop the good name of Mariánské Lázně throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • Membership in the association is only of the common type, and all members have the same rights and duties.
  • Membership begins the day it is approved by the Board.
  •  The association is registered by the Ministry of the Interior under the reference number VS/1-1/92 584/13-R, Organization ID: 015 46 864
Those interested in joining the association should first familiarise themselves with the statutes of the association and identify themselves with the main goal of the association, i.e. the development of the town of Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings. Then, all one has to do is to fill out the application form and send it electronically to:

Applicants will receive an answer no later than seven days after sending the electronic application form. In the case of its approval, the applicant must pay the membership fee in the amount of 1 000 CZK no later than 30 calendar days after the approval notice is received. The membership fee is paid in the year of joining and is refundable. The membership fee is refunded after the member leaves the association or after their eventual expulsion from it.